Sunday, March 13, 2011

Three New instruments underway, and they are all very different from each other

I've got 3 new instruments underway, and I'm getting close to finishing them.  The 4 String Guitar on top is made from a Gold Macanudo box.  I'm using the back of the box on this one to improve the sound.  Also using Bobinga for the fretboard which I really like (had some red and brown hues).

The Tenor Uke in the middle is made from an all wood Las Cabrillos box.  This is a really nice smaller box.  Should make an interesting Uke.

The one on the bottom is a Baritone Uke.  I cut an interesting series of sound holes in this one.  It also has a small sound hole coming out the side.  For this one, I borrowed the shape of the headstock from a banjo I recently made.  I think it will look nice on this Uke when I'm done.