Tuesday, December 21, 2010

4 String Don Diego

Finished up my last one of the year.  This has a Mag pickup out of a Fender Strat, and a piezo pickup embedded in the Purpleheart Bridge.  I used upgraded vintage style tuners on this one.  Really like the way it turned.  I'll be holding on to this one for awhile.  I sold 9 Guitars/Ukes in the last 6-8 weeks for the Holidays, so it's time for a little R&R.  I'll be back in January.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Black Punch Ukulele - Heading out soon for a Christmas Gift

Sold a little Black Punch Ukulele today which will likely be a Christmas gift.  Just finished it up this weekend.  Hoping it make a great gift for someone.  I should have another Uke finishing up soon, so stayed tuned!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Very Cool Headstock

I really like this headstock.  It's on a 4 String Guitar I just posted for Sale on ETSY and Artfire.  Check it out!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This one's taking a while, but will be worth the wait.  I'm using a "Playboy by Don Diego Box" which is a very nice box (I've used them before).  This one will have 2 pickups ... one Magnetic Pickup from a Fender Strat, and a Piezo Pickup embedded in the Purpleheart & Brass bridge.  Haven't figured out the schematics of how I'll wire it up yet, but will keep you posted.  I'm using the same vintage Gibson tuners as used on the Ole Vintage Uke posted earlier.  Lots of neat features to be added.  Keep in touch!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Miss Ethel - All Dressed up and Ready to Go

Finished off Miss Ethel today.  Everything came together nicely.  I do need to tweak one of the frets yet, but will let it sit overnight before I do any more work.  Just want to make sure everything has a chance to settle in with the tension of the strings.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Miss Ethel will soon be singing

Recently, I started a commission build (thanks Bro!) using a vintage Cigar Box (circa 1901).  The box was in rough shape, with paper peeling in many places.  Otherwise the all wood box was very sound.  Is a little warped on the top, but that's getting addressed as well.  After getting the paper seated, I put 4-5 coats of High Gloss Lacquer on the box, and started to work.  We decided to take the sound out the side on this one to protect the top, and it looks cool as well.

This box is a "Miss Ethel" brand, and originated in Maryland (I think).  The label on the end says "The 5 cent cigar of America".

Will post additional pics as I progress.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Unique Tail Piece

The business end of this Uke is pretty unique.  I used ball ends from old guitar strings as string ferrules, and inlayed them in a small piece of Black Walnut, and tied it down with a few Brass Screws.  I like the clean look of this... may use it again in the future!

Business Cards

Not sure if Business Cards make you "legit", but a little Marketing seems like the right thing to do to take this to the next level ... slow and steady ...

2 New Ukes out of the Shop!

Finished up 2 Ukes this weekend (16" Tenor Scale).  They both have Piezo pickups inside for amplification.  The Dark Perdomo took a bit more work, because I routed the strings inside the Uke.  It still opens, which is pretty cool.  I'll let these sit for a week and let everything settle in.  Then I'll makes the final "tweaks", and post them on ETSY for Sale.

Off to North Carolina next weekend for a week of R&R on the Outer Banks (YEAH!), so it will be a few weeks before I post again.

I'm thinking of trying a metal Banjo type instrument if I can find the right pot, pan, or hubcap.  Should be interesting!

Stay tuned!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Fork gets a second life

I curled the tines of a fork to make this tail piece.  The handle wraps around the back of the guitar.  It's definitely got enough strength to hold the tension of the strings.  Looks cool as well!

Oil Finish

I really like the look of Walnut with a few coats of Linseed oil.  It adds a lot of depth to the finish

Ready to Play!

Finished up the 4 String Guitar and Uke I've been working on over the last several weeks.  Thinking I may add Brass corners to the Punch box to dress it up a bit.  They both look classy in their red "dress".

Next project?  A pair of Ukes.  Stay tuned ...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Coming together nicely

These are just dry fitted together right now, but will come together nicely.  I'm traveling next weekend, so won't have a lot of progress for about 2 weeks.  Any way ... coming together very well at this point.

Gettin' into the action

My neighbor, Ryan is liking what he see's.  He'll be working on his own project before too long.

Working on a Guitar and a Uke

It's easier to work on a couple at a time, so I put together a couple of fretboards, and glued up 2 necks this weekend.  One 4 String Guitar, and one Uke.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The old ways really make it hand made

I've been using an old hand planer that I bought from a retiree friend of mine.  Her father came over from Germany and was a furniture maker.  You can't really see it in the pic, but the planer say's "Made in Germany" on the side.  Once I got it sharpened, it does a great job.  So, I've been using it to plane the head stock of my instruments.  The head stock is usually 4 different pieces glued together, so the hand planer makes everything come together nicely.  Sometimes ole school is the best way.  Certainly is for "handmade" in my book.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Busy weekend in the shop!

Was a busy weekend in the shop.  A few scarf joints, some gluing, a bit of router, jigsawing.  Lot's of  hand planing, hand rasping and sanding.  Got 2 Ukes, and 4 Guitar necks underway.  Got a good start, but much more to do.  Still have to channel the guitars for trusses, and do a lot more sanding.

Back to my day job tomorrow ... the hobby will have to wait til next weekend!

Del @ Barefoot Boogie Guitars

Stumpf Fiddle - I know ... it's not a Cigar Box Guitar

Yeah, I know, it's not a Cigar Box Guitar, but you do need something to keep the beat when you're playing for the crowd.  Here in Wisconsin, a Stumpf fiddle fits the bill.  It's got a couple of pie pans stuffed with dried corn or beans, a few springs, a wooden block, a bicycle horn, and a few bells to keep the rhythm.  Hey, you can't just use a normal drum set with a Cigar box guitar!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Stick a fork in it ... it's done!

Latest batch of Guitars

Just shipped off the UKE last week.  I can't decide on the guitars if I want to sell them or keep them!  They're hard to part with as each one is different and unique.