Saturday, October 30, 2010

Miss Ethel - All Dressed up and Ready to Go

Finished off Miss Ethel today.  Everything came together nicely.  I do need to tweak one of the frets yet, but will let it sit overnight before I do any more work.  Just want to make sure everything has a chance to settle in with the tension of the strings.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Miss Ethel will soon be singing

Recently, I started a commission build (thanks Bro!) using a vintage Cigar Box (circa 1901).  The box was in rough shape, with paper peeling in many places.  Otherwise the all wood box was very sound.  Is a little warped on the top, but that's getting addressed as well.  After getting the paper seated, I put 4-5 coats of High Gloss Lacquer on the box, and started to work.  We decided to take the sound out the side on this one to protect the top, and it looks cool as well.

This box is a "Miss Ethel" brand, and originated in Maryland (I think).  The label on the end says "The 5 cent cigar of America".

Will post additional pics as I progress.