Sunday, September 19, 2010

2 New Ukes out of the Shop!

Finished up 2 Ukes this weekend (16" Tenor Scale).  They both have Piezo pickups inside for amplification.  The Dark Perdomo took a bit more work, because I routed the strings inside the Uke.  It still opens, which is pretty cool.  I'll let these sit for a week and let everything settle in.  Then I'll makes the final "tweaks", and post them on ETSY for Sale.

Off to North Carolina next weekend for a week of R&R on the Outer Banks (YEAH!), so it will be a few weeks before I post again.

I'm thinking of trying a metal Banjo type instrument if I can find the right pot, pan, or hubcap.  Should be interesting!

Stay tuned!

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